If you are experiencing mobility problems then TASS probably has the solution.  From needing a car to Derriford to wanting a wheelchair to go out with family or Sunday lunch trips.  TASS is ready to empower and enable you.

Starting off with out and about with TASS – a service which provides wheeled walkers, wheelchairs or scooters.  We can provide the mobility aid of your choice.  We also have some second hand equipment which can be obtained with a donation.

Need a wheelchair accessible vehicle?  No problem.  TASS can convey those confined to a wheelchair.  Our wheelchairs are crash tested to ensure your safety at every stage and our drivers of the vehicles are all trained in various types of power wheelchair.  The vehicle can also accommodate a further two passengers.

If getting to and from the hospital, GP, or other medically related appointment is a problem, then give TASS a call…..  we do love a challenge!  With the help of our volunteers we are able to provide community transport for the people of Tavistock and surrounding area.  If you are on benefits, then we can help you claim back some, if not all, of the fare.