What is Rest Awhile.  Rest Awhile replaces the Old Folks’ Rest Room which provides the facility for people to take a break from shopping for as long as they need.  We are able to provide somewhere to sit in the warm and dry with a cup of tea or coffee.

Situated where we are, means you can chose to buy your lunch at a number of establishments and eat it in Rest Awhile without having to vacate your seat before you want to.

If you are planning on visiting Tavistock and have limited mobility, then call into The Anchorage situated behind Plymouth Road Bus Station.  The Anchorage is home to TASS Mobility.  Here you can hire a wheelchair, walker or scooter for the day.  It is level access into town along Plymouth Road.  Each mobility scooter is equipped with a basket for those all important purchases.  You can park the scooter outside Rest A while and still keep an eye on it from the inside.