About Life Stories

Everyone’s life is individual and we would love to hear from you if you would like to have your story recorded for future generations.   We provide trained recorders to listen to your story and then give you a printed copy to keep and, if permission is granted, post your story on … Read more about About Life Stories

Paul’s story

Paul’s first house was 3 Tamar Terrace in Calstock. There are 3 steps going up from Lower Kelly road and he remembers standing on the steps and being frightened by his uncle’s milk horse. Paul has some very early memories. He remembers crawling across the floor of the house and exploring the brass … Read more about Paul’s story

Sidney Lake

I was born 1937 at Chillaton at a place called Hogstor Farm which wasn't really a farm, my Dad went there to live. It was in an old track between two farms, between Chillaton and Milton Abbott. When I was born, my oldest brother was in the RAF, we never had a radio until he came home on leave one … Read more about Sidney Lake

Arthur’s Story

I was born at my Grandfather’s farm in Sherrill. As a baby I went to Woodtown with my father and mother, I lived there 12 months short of 80 years. I know Dunterton area very well because my family all lived around there. It was all the Duke of Bedford’s estate. My uncles also lived in Dunterton, so … Read more about Arthur’s Story

Mary’s story

Mary was born in 1939 at Kings Nympton Park Estate in North Devon.  The family lived in a farm manager’s cottage with no running water, no electric, and they only had a black Bodley stove for heating and cooking.  They did have a primus stove to boil a kettle in the early 50’s.  Mary had to carry a … Read more about Mary’s story