TASS were pleased to receive £10K from Awards4All towards their new Champion Service.

TASS Champions are volunteers who can offer short term support to people who have experienced a life changing event.

Life changing events come in many different forms.  Retirement can come as a bit of a shock once the being on holiday feeling wears off.  Having a job which you identify with and place your value on can be difficult to get over initially and bring about low mood and a dip in confidence.

Active people who experience a fall or a sudden onset of illness can leave them feeling vulnerable.  The loss of a loved one affects people in different ways but will most definitely be life changing.

Being a TASS Champion

A TASS Champion will begin with regular visits to help the person choose what they want from their future.  A set of milestones will be agreed upon which will support the person on their journey.  Over the course of several months the person will take back control of their life and independence.

If you would like to know more, please call us on 01822 616958